Learning the basics of genetic testing

This is a session I have done for a group of 3 medical students that we were trying to train using remote methods.

We assign learners to "pre-watch" the BearGenes videos (see link) on DNA, CMA, WES, sequencing, types of inheritance, and outcome types.  We warn them that they will be doing "pre-test" counseling for a test type (CMA, WES, sequencing). 

At the beginning of the session, we give each person about 5 minutes after they are given a test type to review the beargenes video or practice once on their own.

Then, we have them do it in real time.  This takes about 20 minutes. 

Then, we give each person a "diagnosis" to explain (we are asking them to describe the inheritance pattern).  They have 5 minutes to use genetics home reference to determine the inheritance pattern (we use AD, AR, X, and mito) and review the BearGenes video and then share with the group.  (about another 20 minutes).  I chose very straightforward disorders (XALD, PKU, and Marfan syndrome)

Submitted by Debra Regier.  Please feel free to use and edit for educational purposes.